Sustainable heating and cooling in your apartment!

Sustainable living starts with efficient energy consumption. The Bergensche Hoeck has chosen for an ultra-efficient heating and cooling system which makes the apartments up to 5 times more efficient compared to a traditional thermostat. Combined with an excellent insulation package including triple paned windows, you will get to live in a very energy efficient home with minimal energy costs.

How does it work?

The heat pump uses a renewable energy source: the outside air/the earth. The exterior part extracts heat from the open air/the earth and warms it to a temperature that is suitable for heating. The energy is “pumped” from a lower to a higher temperature. Then this energy is directed to the Hydrobox (interior part) through refrigerant piping. There the energy won (heat) will be directed to the delivery system in your home, in this case the underfloor heating. To cool, the system turns this process around.

The heat pump unites heating, cooling and warm tap water in one system and provides maximum comfort the whole year through. The system is suitable for every climate and provides a comfortable indoor climate throughout the whole house.

Solar panels

The heat pumps use electricity to derive energy from the air. The heat pump is far more energy efficient than the traditional central heating system, but will be even more efficient with the use of solar panels. The roof of The Bergensche Hoeck will be fitted with PV panels so sufficient electricity is generated. What more do you want?

A list of benefits

  • You will be buying a future-proof home that is environment-friendly
  • Low energy costs and optimal comfort in the home. The heat pump is up to 5x more energy efficient than a traditional central heating boiler
  • The newest heat pumps with a system that requires almost no maintenance
  • Smart and user friendly control via your telephone or tablet, so you can control the temperature from a distance