Hotspots in the direct area

Bergen in bird’s eye view


The beach of Bergen aan Zee is widely known and loved by people from the Netherlands and beyond. The long, yellowish coastal strip behind the bold row of dunes gives a wide view on the North Sea. Miles and miles of sandy beaches to enjoy sunny summers and windy autumns.

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The area around Bergen and Bergen aan Zee is perfect for endless hikes. You could either take a stroll through the wild Schoorl Dunes, the woods or the wide green fields with its famous Dutch farms and windmills.

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The forests around Bergen offer a wide variety of nature. The forests in the North are completely different from the ones in the South. Each with their own beautiful character. Peaceful and quiet places to hike and bike in every season of the year, with the prettiest picnic spots.

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Food festivals

The food festival ‘Heerlijk (delicious) Bergen’ is a very popular yearly event which attracts all kinds of local food trucks offering a wide variety of delicious street food. A lovely day with friends, family and food.

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Restaurants and bars

You should definitely pay a visit to one of the many local restaurants Bergen has to offer. Bourbon Room, ’t Parkje, Julie’s, Zusters, Onder de Linde, Cunst, De Oude Prins or Loetje, just to mention a few.

Jazz & Sail

Every year at the end of summer, the yearly Jazz & Sail festival is held in Bergen and Bergen aan Zee. It is not just a delightful music event, but at the same time there is a sailing competition and several stages with outdoor performances. In the meantime, The festival attracts thousands of visitors from the region.

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Kranenburgh Museum

A spacious and light art museum with ever changing expositions from artists from the town of Bergen.

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Bergen’s Nature Reserve

Between the towns of Bergen and Bergen aan Zee, this Nature Reserve offers beautiful scenery with high dunes, extensive forests and heather fields.


The ruin of the Bergen Church

An inspirational and historic event location in the heart of the old town. The church was completely destroyed during the Eighty Years’ War but was then partly restored.

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Skiclub Il Primo

A town that is called Bergen (mountains) of course needs a ski slope! This is one of the rare outdoor ski slopes in the world that you can use all year round. The total surface of these slopes covers over 1500m2 and it offers a langlaufing slope of over 1100 meter.

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Sport Clubs

The sports facilities in Bergen are more than excellent. You can take part in hockey, tennis, soccer, handball, equestrian sports, golf, water sports and you can even put on your skis at Skiclub II Primo. Bergen also has a bustling club life when it comes to bridge, card games and billiards. You name it and it’s possible in Bergen.

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