What is special about this building is that each apartment has a different layout. This brings some exclusivity to the larger picture. The building has 6 smaller apartments and 9 exclusive apartments, which range from 137 m2 to 245m2. These are of course beautiful sizes, but you also want a good outdoor space. That is why each apartment has a spacious outdoor terrace. Almost all of them located on the south and west. There is even an outdoor space of no less than 145m2.

The second floor is extra special because the ceiling of these apartments is 3.30 meters high. The sliding doors and frames are 3 meters high, so they enhance the exclusivity and let more light in. Also note that apartment numbers 5, 6 and 7 on the ground floor all have a basement that you can arrange according to your own wishes.

Front, Joost Ivanghlaan (all outdoor areas are west here.)

South side (all outdoor areas are south-facing here.)

Ground floor

1st floor

2st floor