Vaste Steen is a young development company that enjoys designing homes that please everybody. We think not only the design is important, but also the overall look and feel of your future house. Luxury, care and sustainability are key factors for us.

Together we build your future. Our team of employees is committed, enthusiastic and dynamic. We strive to realizing a home where you feel at home. We understand the importance of a good feeling of a home and the impact it has on a person’s life.

The benefit of a newly-built house is that you can immediately move into it. Everything is freshly finished and brand new. All you have to do it give the walls the colors of your choice and to lay down a nice floor.

You are about to take the step towards your new house. You might already be thinking about the interior. Maybe you are already busy selling your current house, or dreaming about the views in your new house. And then it might take another year for the house to be finished. An expectant year of fun anticipation, which you will need to make the right preparations. Use this time to let our advisors help you with financing questions. Or use this year to make te trip you have always wanted to do in case your current house is already sold!

The apartments will be realized with the arrangements, regulations and standard conditions as prescribed by the Stichting Waarborgfonds Koopwoningen (SWK). When you buy an apartment with SWK warranty then this means the following: By the issuing of the SWK guarantee certificate, the contractor is obliged to guarantee the quality of the apartment. The texts of the contract and contractors contract are in accordance with the SWK model. This means your contract is safe and solid. You will not end up with an unfinished apartment in case anything would go wrong during the construction. SWK also offers a financial guarantee to cover any defects after delivery of the apartment.

In case your current house has not yet been sold, we can finance the expected overvalue for your new house. This is called bridging mortgage.

Good news! Yes, you can still get a complete mortgage after passing the age of 60. And if you want, with a normal duration of 20 or 30 years.

By law there is no obstruction as to getting a mortgage at this age. The clause that you can cover 100% of the house’s value with a mortgage counts for every citizen. In practice, mortgage providers do however set certain conditions. Most of the times they want the top of the mortgage (from 80% value of the house) to be covered by a term life insurance. Up to the age of 75 you will not have any trouble getting such an insurance policy. The premium does climb as one gets older. /p>

In case your current house has not yet been sold, the bank can finance the expected overvalue. This is called a bridging mortgage.
As soon as you have registered the mortgage at the notary, you will start paying for the full mortgage, including the bridging mortgage.
This is a special fund in your mortgage from where you can cover the costs of the newly-built house.
Most of the times the interest on your building fund is equal to the interest of your mortgage. /div>
A building fund has a maximum duration of 2 years.