Domotics in your apartment

The term domotics is a term that we are starting to see more often in the construction of homes. Whether we are building a house or an apartment complex; it’s hard to imagine a building plan without domotics these days. There is a lot of talk about the purpose and necessity of domotics, but what is it exactly? Below we will explain the definition of domotics and the possibilities that domotics offer for your apartment. The Bergensche Hoeck will be set up for domotics. To stimulate you to make yourself familiar with this, every buyer receives a FREE APPLE TABLET when the construction is completed.

What are domotics?

In short, domotics are a way to enhance the liveability and quality of the home through the integration of technology and services. Instead of domotics we also use the term “smart homes” or “home automation”. In practice this means that a house is fitted with several electronic devices and systems that can be controlled automatically using a wireless WiFi connection. Many electronic devices like a fridge, coffee machine, sauna or thermostat can be connected to WiFi to remotely control them with a smartphone. In that sense domotics make living even easier and more comfortable.

Domotics in practice

You can think of several ways to make use of domotics in and around your newly-built house. Think about lighting, safety systems, heating and kitchen appliances. When you enter or leave a room, sensors can control the lights. Or you could easily set the right ambiance by adjusting the color of the lights with your smartphone. With the push of a button you can lock all your doors at once, so you can easily go to sleep. With the remotely controlled thermostat, you can set the right temperature at home when you leave the office. What about a fridge that automatically sends an order to the supermarket when it notices it’s out of milk?

Domotics can be used anywhere

The installation of domotics is possible in any house. It is yet another energy efficient option for your house because when there is no one at home, all the lights will be off and there will be no unneeded heating. Another valuable aspect of domotics can occur when you or a family member is in need of healthcare. Using camerasurveillance or sensors, adequate support can be given when someone is in need of help. Domotics absolutely contribute to a safer and more comfortable house.