100% sold | Construction will start in september 2020

Carefree, sustainable and luxurious living

If you drive into Bergen, you will immediately notice that this is a special town.
The filtered light through the trees, the shadowy lanes and the unique location between woods, dunes and the sea.
The inspiration is all around, and that is why artists love living here.

Very special apartments

Just a few minutes away by bike you can enjoy the beautiful dunes or a relaxing walk through the woods or on the beach. And don’t forget the picturesque town center! The terraces and restaurants provide the pleasant atmosphere that this artistic town is known for.

Fifteen very special, exclusive, and energy efficient apartments will be developed within walking distance of the town centre. Every apartment has a unique layout and the outdoor spaces are grand. The complete building will be built in a  sustainable and energy efficient way, using the newest generation of geothermal pumps. You will really have an exclusive home in the Bergensche Hoeck!